Featured Volunteers

Featured Volunteers Serving with AEA:



Reed and Jane Brown


Reed and Jane Brown are the first volunteers to open the Roseau Dominica location.  Reed is a retired international business attorney with extensive experience in joint ventures throughout Asia and Jane is a retired surgical/recovery room nurse who has been an indispensable caregiver on the most difficult cases.  In Roseau, Reed and Jane are focusing on helping the Kalinago indigenous people of the Caribbean.  Reed is advising the Kalinago Territories on legal issues that they face with the Caribbean countries and Jane will be providing the Eyeglasses for Service program to the school age children.

The Browns only recently returned from serving a senior mission in the St. George Utah mission.  They were originally to serve in Seattle but their call was transferred when Covid made it impossible to resettle in the Seattle area.  Serving with AEA offered the Browns the opportunity to put their career expertise to use to bless the lives of the Dominica people and they are looking forward to the cultural experience of celebrating Christmas and the New Year with the local island traditions.


Jon and Karen Green


Jon and Karen had been searching for opportunities to provide humanitarian assistance after serving full-time in Germany, Austria and North Carolina and part-time in Provo and St. George. In 2023, they came up with an idea of how to combine their two passions: his to serve others and hers to see the world. They decided to go somewhere they hadn’t been before and find creative ways to bless others less fortunate. Their recent discovery of AEA seemed a perfect answer to their dream. They immediately signed up as the first volunteers to serve in St. Lucia, that island paradise in the eastern Caribbean.


Jon is a retired humanities professor from Brigham Young University with a specialty in the relationships between the arts (music and literature). He retired in 2005 after 35 years teaching students about the history and appreciation of the arts in Western culture. Karen has an M.A. in English and has also taught basic writing in BYU’s Honors Program. As educators, they assisted the local girls’ school just down the hill from the Vieux Fort apartment. Jon’s musical skills (voice, trumpet, piano, organ) were helpful in community service. He sang in the Tabernacle Choir for 9 years before his retirement from BYU.  


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