Jon and Karen Green Pioneer a New Program for Senior Couples


Jon is a former BYU Humanities professor and his wife, Karen, taught English. According to Jon, “Our goal for retirement was to do what Jesus did in His mortal ministry: go about doing good.” They are thrilled to be serving for four months in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, as Area Representatives of Anxiously Engaged Alliance (AEA). The Greens have previously served three senior missions to Germany, Austria, and North Carolina. While they have loved their missions, they were eager to serve where they could draw upon their many years of teaching experience to bless the lives of others.


The Greens were introduced to the new AEA program through good friends in their stake. When exploring the AEA website (www.aea.care) they discovered an opportunity to serve in English speaking Vieux Fort, St. Lucia.  The local parochial girls’ school welcomed both of them in a volunteer capacity. Now Jon is teaching a variation of his BYU course that covers the life of Christ as depicted through the paintings of great artists. Karen teaches reading, English comprehension, and tutors remedial students.

Working together, utilizing their professional experience while overlooking the Caribbean Sea, is a dream come true for the Greens. According to Karen, "
We are free to receive promptings at any time to do whatever is helpful. It is life-changing for the people who have very little of what we take for granted. We have the desire and the means to help make miracles happen as we do what Jesus did in His mortal ministry."


In addition to their educational work, the Greens have made a huge contribution as members of the small Vieux Fort Branch. Jon was immediately called to teach the Temple Preparation Course. He was formerly a member of the Tabernacle Choir and also volunteered to coordinate the branch music. Karen is teaching the temple course with Jon as well as being responsible for frequent social events to encourage activity in the branch. Both Jon and Karen have received ministering assignments allowing them to become fully integrated with the branch members.




AEA is a non-profit organization for seniors that facilitates humanitarian and community service.  Where possible, it matches the couple’s background and experience with local needs around the world. AEA sets up all the logistics, including housing. This allows volunteers to easily and quickly become effective. Couples can choose to serve from two to six months.

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