AEA Service Projects

As a volunteer in one of the AEA locations, you can assist others with your own experience and talents.  It's completely up to you and the Lord.  You may also choose from one of the AEA provided programs described below:


  Description   Cost*   Program Coordinators
  Eyeglasses for Service   The Binghams started a basic reading glasses program in Cape Verde, West Africa in 2003.  However, new technology now makes it possible for non-medical volunteers to provide prescription equivalent glasses for many more people with more complex vision needs.  This program is aimed at school age children that need corrective glasses to function and learn in the classroom.  Recipients are asked to "pay back" for glasses by providing service to others in whatever way they can.  AEA volunteers will be provided the new technology and training that will allow them to order prescription equivalent glasses.  The cost to the volunteers of providing glasses to a needy student will be approximately $20 per child.  

 Approx. $20/pair


   Glenn & Elisabeth Bingham  

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships


Positive supportive relationships with spouse, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are a main component of personal happiness, emotional health, physical well-being, and even financial success. Yet many people struggle to establish or maintain close relationships because they lack essential understanding and skills.  This course provides valuable insights into the basic elements of human relationships and useful ways to improve them. Click here for more information.

   None    John & Jean Muir  
  Self-Reliance Training   There are many facets to self-reliance where you can use your expertise to bless the lives of others including: education, employment, family finances, food storage, gardening and health.  Utilize your expertise in one of these areas to train and assist others.  You may choose to teach in a classroom setting or to provide one on one training.   Required equipment or materials
  Joe & Georgia Lee Merino  
  Employee Excellence Certification   In areas where the job markets are tight, this certification gives an applicant a tangible distinguishing skill set that will help them land the job over another otherwise equally qualified applicant.  This course was co-developed by the Church and the Ashby Foundation and covers the basic principles of what makes an excellent employee.  It is designed to be taught in a group classroom setting.    None   Business Background Volunteer Needed
  Storm Recovery
  The Caribbean basin is a hotbed of damaging tropical storms and hurricanes. For example, during Hurricane Maria in 2017 almost 80% of the homes in Dominica suffered severe damage.  Thousands of families were displaced and many have yet to fully rebuild. The most common damage is losing the roof of the home.  Experienced builders will be able to work with families to rebuild homes and give them back the ability to live together again.    Substantial   Construction Experience Volunteer Needed  
  Medical Assistance
  Experienced and/or retired medical personnel that have a few weeks available can make a big impact on the lives of those in need. Despite the fact that the medical care is largely government provided, many of the locations lack trained staff to meet the local needs. For example, China has helped Dominica build a new hospital with an up-to- date operating theater for eye surgeries but the lack of trained surgeons has resulted in a waiting list of dozens and dozens of patients waiting for basic procedures that will restore their eyesight.   Medical supplies   Dr. J. Robert & Geri Rhodes  
  Paid Internship Program   Many individuals are unable to find jobs that will support their families because they lack the requisite experience needed for skilled positions. At the same time, they don't have the time nor means to leave their unskilled jobs to obtain needed training.  This program targets these individuals and helps them obtain both the needed training and a job opportunity by sponsoring paid "internships" with employers.  The volunteers pay the wages for 3-6 months while they are interning with a potential employer.  Over past years of experience this program has seen a nearly 95% success rate in placing individuals in skilled positions.   Substantial   Business Background Volunteer Needed
  Educational Tutoring   There are many struggling students in both public and private schools. Help is needed in a variety of subjects from English to math to science.  If you have a bachelors or masters degree in a given subject, you may find it fun and challenging to tutor at one of the community colleges.    None   Experienced Educator Volunteer Needed  
  Location Specific Needs   We have also identified location specific needs where your help would be invaluable:          
  Roseau   Roseau is the capitol of the country and has most of the major institutions of the country including the principle medical center and the main university locations.  There is a need for those that can teach or train in the medical area or teach in the university.    None      
  Portsmouth   Because of the large numbers of Haitian immigrants in Portsmouth, there is a need to teach English.   None      
  Castries   There are several schools that desperately need to have a station built where students can drink and wash their hands. Currently,  they have a pipe with water dripping out that creates a muddy, unsanitary area. This project would entail building a public drinking fountain with a spring loaded valve.   Some plumbing fixtures      
  Vieux Fort   The Laborie village girls' elementary and middle school is right below the apartment. It's a convenient opportunity for educators to work with young students.   None      
  Kalinago Territories
  Click here for more details on the Kalinago Territories service project          


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*This indicates the level of additional expense that you would have as a volunteer to offer this program.


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